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What we offer

The combination of nature and science.

Traditional medicine

The use of natural methods and approaches to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis A well-integrated method of diagnosing the deep root of any pathological process within the body. With the understanding thereof, a combination or a singular process is applied to gracefully eradicate the primary reason for the symptoms the patient is experiencing.


Auricular acupuncture. The gentle placement of 5 acupuncture needles into 5 specific points of each ear. This process assists the body in detox from abstract and pharmaceutical toxins. This method is ideal for patients that are in the cessation of smoking or substance abuse. Its benefits include assisting patients that are suffering from insomnia, depression, ADD, ADHD, and stress.

Skin Tag Removal

A painless method of removing warts and tags. The procedure takes 10 min in total. The tag falls off with 3 to 15 days. The procedure involves placing a device over the lesion, there after zapping with vacuum ultraviolet light and then letting nature take it course.

Emotional healing

Healing the body from toxic bundles of trapped emotions that have been stored unconsciously, resulting in illness and imbalance. Consciously allowing a patient to effortlessly and quickly let go of the events and emotional build-up within the pain or illness that they present with. It is done without the need for unlawful (against shariah) methods commonly used.


Wet cupping. An ancient technique that draws toxic blood to the skin surface using sterile suction cups. It is then released by small incisions made with a lancet or blade. The cup is then reapplied to draw out the toxic blood or poison. This method reduces dampness, stasis, pain, stagnation, excess heat, and brings about calm to the mind and body. It is done with strict adherence to hygiene, in a sterile environment with single-use equipment that is discarded in an environmental and health-conscious method.

Fire cupping

Introducing heat to cold patterns in the body. The use of a flame to heat a tampered glass cupping cup to create a vacuum on the skin surface. This is done on areas of cold and damp of the body to heal or reduce the effects of either entity and bring back the body into a healthy state. This unique therapy is often recommended to patients who suffer from muscular pain, joint pain, skin problems, and/or respiratory disorders.

Hydro cupping

Cleansing methods to remove trapped dirt within the pores of the skin. The use of silicone cups and distilled water to expel the toxins within the pores of the skin. This is done by moving a suctioned silicone cup filled with distilled water across an area that is infected with acne or blackheads.

Massage cupping

A detoxing massage of the entire body. The use of silicone cups and point cupping across the meridian/ghaibi pathways of the body. This invigorates the qi/quadra of the body. By doing this the pathway is unblocked and moves from a state of imbalance to homeostasis.


The massaging of the meridians/ghaibi pathways to summon Qudra/Qi into a meridian or pathway The ghaibi pathways/meridians of the body are subjected to stagnation or stasis that can occur due to the body absorbing ill emotions or due to poor lifestyle and dietary habits. By stimulating these pathways through massage, the qi/qudra is enhanced thereby unblocking the pathway and forcing the body to heal naturally.

Dry Needling

A technique of placing acupuncture needles into specific points of the body to encourage healing. An ancient Chinese technique that is used to facilitate healing to a pathway that has become stagnant or blocked. A thin monofilament needle is inserted into the point. The feeling is described as a light pinch sensation. The treatment is excellent for pain and general wellness.


It’s a modern-day Rife system that can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. The frequency is transmitted in 5 different ways. Contact, PEMF, Remote, Cold Laser, and Plasma. Today’s ultimate Rife machine is Spooky2 Plasma, which can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier.

Vacuum Ultraviolet treatment

Ray Gun is the most advanced VUV light therapy device on the market, designed to treat many kinds of surface and deep skin issues effectively and safely. It can also benefit plants and get rid of mold spots on walls.

Therapeutic massages

A soft Gentle massage with 9 Therapeutic oils. A Pampering yet detoxing massage that incorporates gentle firm pressure to particular points on the feet and the back. This beautiful rain drop technique that was taught by the masters of Essential oils utilizes more than 6 different techniques and 9 therapeutic oil. This leaves the body relaxed and detoxed.

Moxibustion therapy

Moxibustion therapy is a focused heat therapy which involves the burning of the mugwurt herb over a specific acupuncture point to positively stimulate the body in a variety of ways. The mugwurt herb is perfect as it burns evenly and its oils and aromas have a positive effect on the body. Moxa is used to warm regions and meridian points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points inducing the smoother flow of blood and energy. Moxibustion mitigates against cold and dampness and can assist the therapist in turning a breach baby


NutriVtherapy® is a form of IV treatment that supplies the body with necessary vitamins and minerals to replenish deficiencies or aid in healing. The nutrients get delivered through a liquid solution from an IV line. The IV drip delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream.


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Taijiquan & Meditation

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NutriVtherapy® Treatments

Maggy: R140

Reduces muscle spasms, stress and generalised body pain. Relieves constipation, improves mood, reduces insomnia, energising.

Super Maggy: R200

All above, eradicates fatigue, supports nervous system, muscle and bone health.

PreChemo Tonic: R1100

Improves the immune system, supplies the body with a boost to fight off infection, relieves pain and improves energy, Potentiates Chemotherapy. Ideally taken before each chemo session. Hepatitis, Asthma, increased wound healing.

Mocheto: R1000

Maintains a healthy immune system. Reduces inflammation. Oxygenates body and reduces phlegm. Used ideally between chemotherapy sessions where there is a long duration between sessions.

Hypothetic: R1000

Reduces phlegm, increases oxygen levels, pulmonary: status asthmaticus, COAD, auto immune disease, cardiovascular disease, acute and chronic infective conditions, stroke recovery.

Irony: R500

Fatigue, thalassemia, iron deficiency, anemia.

Glacier: R300

Antioxidant, liver cleansing, immune booster, eradicates free radicals, long term use reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, anemia.

Soladicate: R250

Reduces inflammatory process, degenerative disease, post vax complications, UTI, thrush, parasites, infections.

Extraordinary medicine for ordinary people.

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