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About Us - Centre Of Holistic Excellence

About Us

Everything starts with a story and this is mine.

My Story

The combination of nature and science.

My passion for medicine started on the lap of my mother, who is an esteemed Pharmacist. Her caring nature and my dads passion to assist motivated me to pursue this journey. My Mum and Dad ran 2 pharmacies in their locality. Thus most of my childhood years were spent there. It was in my parent’s pharmacy that the seed to help others was planted. I learnt a lot about western meds, their pros, and the cons.

After suffering at the hands of “doctors” that had taken an oath to preserve and save life, I was shunned off by  “there is nothing we can do to help you”. I was helpless. However, this was the greatest step in my life. It was 8 years of learning for me. A build up that has given me the opportunity to firmly hold fast to methods western medicine doesn’t even acknowledge. The build up came with a diagnosis of a pituitary adenoma and with that I was told “you probably will never have children”, non-epileptic seizures aka a conversion disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, dumping syndrome, Addison’s disease, a myxoma and eventually 72 blood test later, 3 days of fasting (no water and no food), tertiary adrenal insufficiency.

The emotional blackmail that I was subjected to by many of these “professional” statures, played a huge part in the emotional rollercoaster I found myself riding. As the years went by, my condition worsened. This too for me was the last drop. As my glass tipped so did my horizon change. I had searched the wrong places for my healing.

Who I Am

My Experience

I am a practicing MRI Radiographer for the past 20 years. My knowledge of allopathic medicine is vast and thus with my experience gained in the field of this medicine, I have witnessed many things of which I rather not mention.

As I ventured across this new horizon I studied, Aafiyah healing, meriflexology, colour therapy, tissue salts, Hijama and Auricular acupuncture detoxification which took me into Chinese medicine. It was this that pushed me into searching for a method that really covered the fundamental processes of the body and its pathological rises.

I registered with Dr Latib to further my knowledge in traditional medicine. His course is based on Traditional Islamic Medicine in particular. The first few modules accentuated my thirst for knowledge. The manner in which these modules make one understand the body were my answers to questions I plagued myself with and no one could answer before. As I progressed deeper into the course, I found myself making sense of my own dis-ease processes. Thus, I began self-experimenting. It was 2 months after I had started this that I began seeing changes in myself. By which time I had covered a huge portion of the life changing venture I was fortunate enough to stumble upon.

The course covered the make up and the “break-up” of the body. The natural processes and organ functions along with the emotional components of its destruction. My understanding grew and so did my courage. I started bringing the basic principles of Dr Latibs methods into practice and complemented it with the herbal supplements he formulated. After witnessing the results for myself indeed my belief in this system grew each time.

The painless methods he teaches encompasses the complete understanding of the primary complaints a patient/client would present with. The method of further accumulating the necessary information to summarise the primary root syndrome is effective in every case. It leaves no loop holes.


Radiographer (MRI, HpCSA)

Facial Analyst

Vaccine Detoxification Practitioner

Hijama ( HASA )

Meriflexologist (Aatifa & Aafiyah)


Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (NADA)

Traditional Islamic Medicine Practitioner

Our Value

Treat your body with the care of nature.

Our practitioners integrate their knowledge, experience and combined effort in a unique healing environment. The numerous diverse disciplines practiced, reflect the nurturing ethos of this compassionate team of healers.


My mission is to help my clients achieve their health, emotional and spiritual goals through a combination of healing modalities, guidance, education, support, and most of all, unconditional love.


My vision is to awaken people to the potential everyone holds within; to celebrate an individual’s realization of a passionate, extraordinary, supportive life on all levels; and ultimately, to promote consciousness, compassion, and cooperation in the world.


We utilize alternative medicine combined with science-based evidence and even natural remedies in order to help people discover new choices, options, and solutions to their challenges or diseases.


What they say about us

Feedback from our Patients