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It’s not just an ailment, a sickness, an illness, or an emotion, it’s a reaction of the toxins that have manifested into the symptoms you are currently facing. At COHE, a unique process of diagnosis is utilized in order to determine the root syndrome of the symptoms that a patient is experiencing.

The body is not singular, hence it is not meant to be healed apart from each other. The mind, body and soul are one, if the one morsel of the flesh is imbalanced, the entire body is imbalanced.

Extraordinary medicine for ordinary people.

We offer Alternative Medicine.

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What we offer

The combination of nature and science.

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Taking care of you through holistic natural ways.

Your Natural Health

Healing is what occurs when you change your perception and become conscious of a new reality. Alternative medicine works on all levels – body, mind and spirit and uses various modalities to conquer health issues.

We teach your body to treat itself. Our goal is to treat patients using old traditional techniques of Acupuncture along with herbs and vitamins prepared from all-natural ingredients.

Consultations with our expert

Most of my patients and clients come to me with specific symptoms that they want help with. In our work together we won’t just treat the symptom or condition, but rather we will find the root cause and resolve that. So if you have back pain or sleep issues or whatever, know that we’ll be looking at not just your body, but also your nutrition, your emotions and your lifestyle as a whole – a holistic approach.